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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Determinants of managerial compensation: An empirical explorationKumar, Rajiv; Sarkar, Sahadeb; Dhiman, Amit
2009-03-01Effect of Self Accountability on Self Regulatory behaviour - a Quasi ExperimentDhiman, Amit; Bhardwaj, Priyank; Sen, Arindam
2018Effect of Self-Accountability on Self-Regulatory Behaviour: A Quasi-ExperimentDhiman, Amit; Sen, Arindam; Bhardwaj, Priyank
2013Exploring the role of HRM in service delivery in healthcare organizations: A study of an Indian hospitalTomar, Avantika; Dhiman, Amit
-Key Attributes Desired by Recruiters of MBA Graduates in Indian Industrial Context & their PerDhiman, Amit; Sharma, Megha
-Key Attributes desired by recruiters’ of MBA Graduates in Indian Industrial context & Their perceptions about Indian Management educationDhiman, Amit; Sharma, Megha
2013Performance appraisal politics from appraisee perspective: A study of antecedents in the Indian contextDhiman, Amit; Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar
2011-05-01Role of Human Resource Flexibility and Coordination in Project Performance: A study in the Indian IT IndustryTomar, Avantika; Dhiman, Amit
2015-04-23Time for a new Strategy?Dhiman, Amit; Mumbai Mirror
2014-03-01Understanding Compensation Design & Practices in a Unit of a Manufacturing Firm: A Case StudyKumar, Rajiv; Sarkar, Sahadeb; Dhiman, Amit
2020Unique nature of appraisal politics as a work stress: test of stress - strain model from appraisee's perspectiveDhiman, Amit