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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-African Pharmaceutical Industry and Industrial PolicyChaudhuri, Sudip
2016Can Foreign Firms Promote Local Production of Pharmaceuticals in AfricaChaudhuri, Sudip
2015Can local producers compete with low-cost imports? A simulation study of pharmaceutical industry in low-income AfricaChaudhuri, Sudip; West, Alastair
2011Can NGOs regulate medicines markets? Social enterprise in wholesaling, and access to essential medicinesMackintosh, Maureen; Chaudhuri, Sudip; Mujinja Phares G.M.
2011Challenges in GSPOAdeliverables for Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry after TRIPS: A Proposal for R&D CooperationChaudhuri, Sudip
2011Development of a WHO Guidelines on Country Pharmaceutical Pricing PoliciesChaudhuri, Sudip
2012Emerging Market Environment in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry after TRIPSChaudhuri, Sudip
2015Import liberalisation and premature deindustrialisation in IndiaChaudhuri, Sudip
2015Indigenous Technical Development and Intellectual Property Rights in India's Industrial DevelopmentChaudhuri, Sudip
2011Innovation since TRIPS - Neglected Diseases and Public Private PartnershipChaudhuri, Sudip
2011Local Production and access to medical productsChaudhuri, Sudip
2013Manufacturing trade deficit and industrial policy in IndiaChaudhuri, Sudip
2013-01-01Manufacturing Trade Deficit and Industrial Policy in IndiaChaudhuri, Sudip
2013Market Menagerie: Health and Development in Late Industrial States by Smita Srinivas, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2012, xvii + 323 pp.Chaudhuri, Sudip
2011-11-01Multinationals and Monopolies Pharmaceutical Industry in India after TRIPSChaudhuri, Sudip
2012Multinationals and monopolies: Pharmaceutical industry in India after TRIPSChaudhuri, Sudip
2013Multinationals and monopolies: The pharmaceutical industry in India after TRIPSChaudhuri, Sudip
-Patents and Developing Countries: Is it time to review the TRIPS agreement?Chaudhuri, Sudip
2015Pharmaceutical prices in IndiaChaudhuri, Sudip
-Prices of Patented Medicines in India after TRIPSChaudhuri, Sudip