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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975-09Appraisal by Objectives - A Comparative Preview in Two firmsChakraborty, S. K.; Chatterjee, Sris
1977-04Appraising Appraisal SystemsChakraborty, S. K.; Khandekar, R. P.
1980-10Boards of Directors in India -Their Value and ValuesChakraborty, S. K.
1981-07Corporate Long Range Planning Some Basic ApproachesChakraborty, S. K.
1988-06Creativity: The Western and Eastern ParadigmsChakraborty, S. K.
1983-07Discussion and Communication - Man - Management in Indian Organizations: Towards a Theory of Organic ResonanceChakraborty, S. K.
1977-07Finance V. Non-Finance Personnel in Indian Organizations - A Preliminary Study of Inter-RelationshipsChakraborty, S. K.; Prabha, T. B. Padma
1990-06In-House Values-System Programmes: A ReviewChakraborty, S. K.
1978-01Key Results Involvement Matrix -A Key To Role ClarityChakraborty, S. K.
1983-01Man - Management in Indian Organizations : Towards a theory of Organic ResonanceChakraborty, S. K.
1980-07Management Stylistics in India: The Case For A Countervailing EthosChakraborty, S. K.
1981-01Management Systems in India and Marxism : A RejoinderChakraborty, S. K.
1978-04Management Training for Government AdministratorsChakraborty, S. K.; Prabha, T.B. Padma
1978-10Managing the Financial Aspects of Research and Development - A Pilot StudyChakraborty, S. K.
1980-01Materials Management - Some Management Accounting InsightsChakraborty, S. K.
1976-09Monitoring Working Capital Efficiency Under Inflationary Conditions Six CasesChakraborty, S. K.; Rao, N. K.
1974-04Preparing the Groundwork for Management by Objectives - A Study Based on Attitude SurveyChakraborty, S. K.
1976-05Profit Planning for Public Enterprise- The Value Added ApproachChakraborty, S. K.
1994-06Review - Can God Improve My Balance Sheet ?: Invoking the Inner PotentialChakraborty, S. K.
1981-04Review - A Note on Reply to RejoinderChakraborty, S. K.