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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Alternative spaces of employment generation in India: Informal rules, structures and conflicting organisational requirementsGuha, Joydeep; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar
2004-12Book Review- Pro-Poor growth and governance in South Asia : Decentralization and Participatory developmentChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2004Book reviews- Public Sector Restructuring and Industrial RelationsChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012Contested identity of junglemahal maoists: State hegemony, political theatre and the process of alternate representationChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2013Decentralisation and the Politics of Water Allocation in West BengalChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2009-09-01Developing Services for Rural IndiaGuha, Joydeep; Saha, Debashis; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar
2016Developmental Local Government : From Concept to PraxisSchoburgh, Eris D.; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012EditorialChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2013-11EditorialChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2013-12EditorialChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2014-03EditorialChakrabarti, Bhaskar
-Everyday state and local bureaucracy: Governance at the ‘Block’Chakrabarti, Bhaskar; Thakur, Manish K
2014Making e-government work: Adopting the network approachGuha, Joydeep; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012MGNREGS and Creation of Environmental Assets in Bardhaman, West BengalAbraham, Biju Paul; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar; Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra; Nath, Suman
2013MGNREGS in a Prosperous District: A Study of Implementation in Bardhaman, West BengalAbraham, Biju Paul; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar; Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra; Nath, Suman
2016Participation at the Crossroads : Decentralisation and Water Politics in West BengalChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012Political Leadership and Organisational Change in Rural local Governments in West Bengal, IndiaChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2013Problems and Opportunities of Consulting Anthropologists: Working with Non-Anthropologist Team Members and Unheard-of-Anthopology ClientsChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012Public-Private Partnership Decisions for Local Development in IndiaChakrabarti, Bhaskar
2015RSBY implementation in West Bengal: A case studyGuha, Joydeep; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar