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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A decision support system for mean-variance analysis in multi-period inventory controlBasu, Preetam; Nair, Suresh K.
2017A game theoretic analysis of multichannel retail in the context of “showrooming”Basak, Shounak; Basu, Preetam; Avittathur, Balram; Sikdar, Soumyen
2012Analysis of back-office outsourcing contracts for financial services operationsBasu, Preetam; Nair, Suresh K.
2015Analyzing operational risk-reward trade-offs for start-upsBasu, Preetam; Nair, Suresh K.
2013Challenges of supply chain finance: A detailed study and a hierarchical model based on the experiences of an Indian firmMore, Dileep S.; Basu, Preetam
2011Challenges of Supply chain finance: a hierarchical modeMore, D.S.; Basu, Preetam
2011Challenges of Supply Chain Finance: A Hierarchical ModelMore, D.; Basu, Preetam
2012Coordinating multi-channel pricing of seasonal goodsBasu, Preetam
2016CRISIL: From Credit Rating to Global AnalyticsBasu, Preetam; Bose, Indranil; Santhanam, Ravi; Vedpuriswar, A. V.
2020Do cap-and-trade policies drive environmental and social goals in supply chains: Strategic decisions, collaboration, and contract choicesKuiti, Mithu Rani; Ghosh, Debabrata; Basu, Preetam; Bisi, Arnab
2020Forays into omnichannel: An online retailer's strategies for managing product returnsMandal, Prasenjit; Basu, Preetam; Saha, Kushal
2017Introduction to Operations ResearchNag, Bodhibrata; Hillier, Frederick S.; Lieberman, Gerald J.; Basu, Preetam
2015-07-01Managing Supply-side Disruption Risks through Dual SourcingBasu, Preetam; Ghosh, Soumita
-Managing Supply-side Disruption Risks through Mutiple SourcingBasu, Preetam
2020Manufacturer driven strategic coordination as a response to “showrooming”Basak, Shounak; Basu, Preetam; Avittathur, Balram; Sikdar, Soumyen
2011Mean Variance analysis of Inventory ControlBasu, Preetam; Nair, S.
2011Pension Fund Management in IndiaBasu, S.; Basu, Preetam; Banerjee, A.
2018Pricing and sourcing strategies for competing retailers in supply chains under disruption riskKumar, Milan; Basu, Preetam; Avittathur, Balram
2011Risk-Reward Analysis in Stochastic Dynamic ProgrammingBasu, Preetam; Nair, S.
2016Securing Raw Materials: A Case on the Indian Steel IndustryBasu, Preetam; Chatterjee, Niladri