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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Airport Express Metro Line: The Turnaround StoryNag, Bodhibrata; Banerjee, Ashok
-An Empirical Enquiry into Related Party Transactions in IndiaGhosh, Arpita; Banerjee, Ashok
2015Aravind Eyecare System: Revisiting the Business ModelBanerjee, Ashok; Jaiswall, Manju
2012-07-01Are Family firms in India managing their Earnings – An exploratory studyJaiswall, Manju; Banerjee, Ashok
-Corporate Governance Practices in IndiaJaiswall, Manju; Banerjee, Ashok
2011-12-01Decision making framework for investments in oil industry: An application of Real OptionsBanerjee, Ashok; Chatterjee, Soubhik; Garg, Brij Bhushan
2019Do the limit orders of proprietary and agency algorithmic traders discover or obscure security prices?Nawn, Samarpan; Banerjee, Ashok
2020Does trade size restriction affect trading behavior? Evidence from Indian single stock futures marketBanerjee, Ashok; Banerjee, Anirban
2020-01EditorialBanerjee, Ashok
2019-09EditorialBanerjee, Ashok
2019-11EditorialBanerjee, Ashok
2020-03EditorialBanerjee, Ashok
2011-12EditorialBanerjee, Ashok; Chakrabarti, B.B.
2018Emerging Market Bidder Returns and the Choice of Payment Method in Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from IndiaLadkani, Radha Mukesh; Banerjee, Ashok
2012-07-01Exploring the relationship between Earnings Management and Corporate Governance characteristics in the Indian contextJaiswall, Manju; Banerjee, Ashok
2018GNRC LimitedBanerjee, Ashok; Sista, Suren
2019How much of RBI's profit transfer is enough reading the Jalan committee reportRay, Partha; Banerjee, Ashok
2014-08-06IIMC – collaborating with the bestBanerjee, Ashok; Hindustan Times
2011-11-01Impact of information arrival on volatility of intraday stock returnsBanerjee, Ashok; Paul, Subhadeep; Hazra, Soham; Dalmia, Rahul
2019-09Implications of Recent Bank MergersBanerjee, Ashok; Narayanan, Akshay