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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04-01Cheeni, a case of IT innovationSeetharaman, Priya
2013Cheeni: A Case of Inside-Out Innovation Approach to IT ApplicationsSeetharaman, Priya
2018Citizen's gain? Institutional logics and the making of India's aadhaar identity projectSeetharaman, Priya; Pant, Anirvan
2006Collaborative technology use : a multilevel theory and empirical demonstrationSeetharaman, Priya; Vaidya, Sanjiv D. (Supervisor)
2013Course management system adoption and usage: A process theoretic perspectiveDutta, Amitava; Roy, Rahul Kumar; Seetharaman, Priya
-Dynamics of Agri-Supply ChainsSeetharaman, Priya; Roy, Rahul
-Dynamics of Agri-Supply Chiains: role of Intermediaries and aggregatorsRoy, Rahul; Seetharaman, Priya
2022-09EditorialSeetharaman, Priya
2022-12EditorialSeetharaman, Priya
2023-03Editorial- Celebrating 50 years of DECISIONSeetharaman, Priya
2015EMR adoption: A user perception studyDutta, Amitava; Mohan, Ramkumar, Veppathur; Roy, Rahul Kumar; Krishnan, Deepa; Ramanathan, Sivaraman; Seetharaman, Priya
2011Explaining Sophistication in Collaborative Technology Use: A Context-Technology Fit PerspectiveVaidya, Sanjiv D.; Seetharaman, Priya
2015Firm growth and innovation in the ERP industry: A systems thinking approachPinjala, Srujana; Roy, Rahul Kumar; Seetharaman, Priya
2018Impact of Cloud on Firm Evolution: A Causal Model of a Latecomer ERP Firm in an Emerging EconomyPinjala, Srujana; Seetharaman, Priya; Roy, Rahul Kumar
2015Impact of project attributes on project management strategies - A context of G2C e-Government in IndiaAnand, Ambuj; Seetharaman, Priya; Vaidya, Sanjiv D.
2017Imperatives And challenges in using e-government to combat corruption: A systematic review of literature and a holistic modelPalvia, Shailendra C.Jain; Anand, Ambuj; Seetharaman, Priya; Verma, Sanjay
2019Information systems in India: Dare to crossSeetharaman, Priya; Cranefield, Jocelyn
2019Information systems: Debates, applications and impactsSeetharaman, Priya; Cranefield, Jocelyn
2019Interorganizational processes in buyer–supplier dyads: An information intensity perspectiveNandy, Merlin; Seetharaman, Priya
2019IT for the informal sector in developing countries: A broader perspectiveSeetharaman, Priya; Cunha, Maria Alexandra Viegas Cortez Da; Effah, John