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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Clustering induced binary classification with asymmetric misclassification costSarkar, Uttam Kumar
2019Combating incumbency advantage of network effects: The role of entrant’s decisions and consumer preferencesGupta, Agam; Mateen, Arqum; Sharma, Divya; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar; Cheruvil Thomas, Vinu
2014Credibility of social media postings: A genetic algorithmic approach to stock market contextsChakrabarti, Aveek; Seal, Soumalya; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2021-10Director's message & Chairperson's addressSarkar, Uttam Kumar; Jaiswall, Manju
2017Emergent Heterogeneity in Keyword Valuation in Sponsored Search Markets: A Closer-to-Practice PerspectiveGupta, Agam; Saha, Biswatosh; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2013Identifying dominant economic sectors and stock markets: A social network mining approachRoy, Ram Babu; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2011Identifying influential stock indices from global stock markets: A social network analysis approachRoy, Ram Babu; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2018Inference under a new exponential-exponential loss capturing specified penalties for over- and under-estimationSarkar, Uttam Kumar
2011-07-01Network Approach to Capture Comovements of Global Stock ReturnsRoy, Ram Babu; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2000-06Review - Making Information Technology WorkSarkar, Uttam Kumar
2012-01-01Sensitivity of Centrality and Centralization Measures to the Level of Decentralization in the Network StructureRoy, Ram Babu; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2016Systemic concentration in sponsored search markets: The role of time window in click-through-rate computationGupta, Agam; Saha, Biswatosh; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2018Unlocking the potential of India's high-tech start-upsGhosh, Debabrata; Mehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2016WebSelect : A Research Prototype for Optimizing Ad Exposures based on Network StructureGhosh, Avijit; Gupta, Agam; Sharma, Divya; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar