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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Good Night: A Brand’s JourneyMishra, Prashant
2016Impact of consumption emotions on WOM in movie consumption: Empirical evidence from emerging marketsMishra, Prashant; Bakshi, Madhupa; Singh, Ramendra
2019Impact of Religiosity in the Personal and Consumption DomainsAgarwala, Ridhi; Singh, Ramendra; Mishra, Prashant
-Investigation of Retails Brand Personality : An Empirical Study in Emeerging EconomyMishra, Prashant
-Investigation of Retails Brand Personality: An Empirical Study in Emerging EconomyMishra, Prashant
2017Market orientation and customer-based corporate brand equity (CBCBE): a dyadic study of Indian B2B firmsSarkar, Soumya; Mishra, Prashant
2017Mio Amore: surviving brand change in transition economyJammulamadaka, Nimruji Prasad; Mishra, Prashant; Saha, Biswatosh
2019Religiosity and consumer behavior: a summarizing reviewAgarwala, Ridhi; Mishra, Prashant; Singh, Ramendra
2022Repositioning for Success: The Llyod's Acquisition by Havells IndiaMishra, Prashant; Bakshi, Madhupa; Shreshtha, Kumar; B, Karthikeyan
2018Sales technology usage: Modeling the role of support service, peer usage, perceived usefulness and attitudeUpadhyay, Ashwani Kumar; Khandelwal, Komal; Nandan, Tanuj; Mishra, Prashant
2014Social media marketing in emerging economies: Case study of three Indian firmsBakshi, Madhupa; Mishra, Prashant
2016Structural equation modelling of determinants of consumer-based brand equity of newspapersBakshi, Madhupa; Mishra, Prashant
2019The Birth of BARC: The Challenges of Establishing a New Television Audience Measurement System in IndiaMishra, Prashant; Mitra, Chandradeep
2016Van Heusen: The Journey of a BrandMishra, Prashant; Jain, Tinu