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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A framework for assessing professional accountants’ understanding of professional ethicsGhosh, Arpita; Bhuyan, Nisigandha
2022The curious case of mandatory CSR in India: Instance of a paradigm shift or an ineffectual imposition?Bhuyan, Nisigandha; Chakraborty, Arunima
2014-09Evaluating the profession and professionalism of business managers: control embedded in characterSenapaty, Saidatt; Bhuyan, Nisigandha
2020Facebook Free Basics: Bridging the Digital Divide or Destroying Net Neutrality?Bhuyan, Nisigandha; Chakraborty, Arunima
2013-04-01Meaning of work in life: A Comprehensive Perspective from Ancient Indian Spiritual TraditionBhuyan, Nisigandha
2013Public Policies of Controlling Tobacco Marketing: The Process of Evolution of a Social ContractBhuyan, Nisigandha
2012-08-01Public Policies of Tobacco Control: The Process of Evolution of a Social ContractBhuyan, Nisigandha
-The World Wide Web turned Upside-down: An exploration of the internet as an information utopia versus a technology of surveillance and cotrol.Bhuyan, Nisigandha
2013Understanding the Character of Santiago in The Old and the Sea within the Framework of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and its Contemporay Relevance in Ethical ManagementBharadwaj, Apoorva; Bhuyan, Nisigandha
2013-12Understanding the character of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea within the framework of Aristotelian virtue ethics and its contemporary relevance in ethical managementBharadwaj, Apoorva; Bhuyan, Nisigandha