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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA)Babu, Ravindran Rajesh
2014Nuclear energy law and decision-making in IndiaRam Mohan, M.P.; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh
2018Perspectives from some asian countries State-to-state mediation: Perspectives from IndiaBabu, Ravindran Rajesh; Anuradha, R. V.
2014-09-01The Post-Bali Debacle and India’s Strategy at the WTO: A Legal and Policy PerspectiveBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2016PrefaceThakur, Manish Kumar; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh
2018Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Expressions of Folklore: Locating India in the Global FrameworkBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2018Protection of traditional knowledge and expressions of folklore: Locating India in the global frameworkBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
-Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Folklore: The Indian ExperienceBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
-Rating AgenciesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2014-06-01Rating AgenciesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2012Remedies for Violations of WTO Law: The Misplaced Notion of EffectivenessBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2012Remedies under the WTO Legal SystemBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2012Right to Private Property in India: Changing TrajectoriesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2014Social media and the law in IndiaKolah, Ardi; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh; Sista, Suren
2015Special Issue on Nuclear energy and Indian society: Public engagement, risk assessment and legal frameworksMohan, Ram M.P.; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh
2018The draft agreement and the draft rules of procedure: Draft"agreementontheestablishmentoftheasia-pacificregionalmediationorganizationLo, Changfa; Nakagawa, Junji; Sharma, Rajesh; Lin, Tsaiyu; Toohey, Lisa; Koesnaidi, Joseph Wira; Lee, Jaemin; Kobayashi, Tomohiko; Anuradha, R. V.; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh; Chaisse, Julien
-The Indian Supreme Court and the Making of Public PolicyBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2020The Many Shades of Temporal Pluralities: Alternative Ethics of Law and SocietySreejith, S. G.; Babu, Ravindran Rajesh
2014The SPS Agreement: Implications for India and Other Developing CountriesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2016The state of management education in India: Trajectories and pathwaysBabu, Ravindran Rajesh; Thakur, Manish Kumar